Sydney Fibroid Clinic FAQs

For details on Sydney Fibroid Clinic’s locations, programs, fees and payment plans, please see our frequently asked questions below.

FAQs about our Fibroid Treatment Clinic

  • Where are you based?

    Sydney Fibroid Clinic consulting rooms are in St Leonards, Bella Vista,  Wahroonga and Westmead. More information on where we’re based can be found here.

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  • Do you treat out of region patients?

    Sydney Fibroid Clinic treats patients from all over Sydney, regional NSW and interstate. If you are far from us, we do have a fast-track program for out of region patients, to minimise travelling.

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  • Do you treat international patients?

    Sydney Fibroid Clinic can treat international patients. Please see our fast-track program for out of region patients.

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  • Do I need a referral to come to Sydney Fibroid Clinic?

    A GP referral is required if you wish to claim a Medicare rebate for your consultation. A gynecologist’s referral is required to claim Medicare and health fund rebates for uterine fibroid embolisation. If you have not seen a gynaecologist, you may opt to see one of our onsite gynaecologists in a joint consultation.

  • Do I need private health insurance?

    Dr Eisen Liang runs a private interventional radiology practice and performs procedures at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital, and the Mater Hospital North Sydney. All the above hospitals are private institutions. To be treated in these hospitals by Dr Liang himself, you will need to be in a private health fund.

    However, women without private health funds may choose to self-fund their procedure. Medicare covers the majority of the doctor’s fee. The private hospital fee is around $5,500. If you are interested in self-funding your procedure, please contact us for an up to date quote.

  • How much is a consultation?

    Dr Liang’s initial consultation fee is $280. Medicare rebates approximately $75.

    Dr Liang’s follow-up consultation fee is $130. Medicare rebates approximately $37.

    Dr Liang’s gynaecologist associates charge slightly different rates. If you are seeing a second specialist at Sydney Fibroid Clinic, a discounted rate may apply, depending on the complexity of your case.

  • How much does UFE / UAE usually cost if I’m insured?

    Assuming your private health insurance covers the item numbers 35410 or 35321, the costs are mostly covered by Medicare and your health fund. In general you’ll need a need Silver or Gold level of cover.

    Dr Liang is a private practitioner and his fee payable prior to your procedure date. A significant part of his fee is rebated by health fund and Medicare. There are no anesthetist or assistant fees.

    You might have to  pay your health fund an excess or co-payment for the hospital admission, usually less than $500. Pathology and pharmacy fees may apply.

    We will give you a detailed financial information after your consultation.

  • How much does UFE / UAE usually cost if I’m not insured?

    If you are uninsured or your health fund policy does not cover 35321 or 35410, the approximate fees are as follows.

    The hospital fee (theatre fee and 1-night accommodation) is around $5,500, depending on the hospital you choose.

    Dr Liang’s fee is partly covered by Medicare and the out-of-pocket fee ranges between $1,000 to $3, 000, depending on your circumstances.

    Your total out-of-pocket budget should be around $8,500. If this fee is beyond your financial means, we can arrange your procedure to be done by Dr Liang’s associate Dr Christine Chan in public hospital. The public hospital fee is less than the private hospital.

  • What is the fast-track program for out of region patients?

    For out of region patients, Sydney Fibroid Clinic’s fast-track program aims to streamline the work-up process for women suffering heavy bleeding, period pain and other symptoms associated with fibroids and adenomyosis.

    The initial consultation can be done over the phone, discussing your symptoms, evaluating your imaging, going through treatment options and answering questions about UFE/UAE. If at the end of the initial consultation you are considered a potential candidate for UFE/UAE, and you are keen to proceed, you will come to Sydney to have the MRI scan at our preferred MRI sites, then come to see us at our clinic soon after the MRI (you do not have to wait for report).

    If the MRI confirms your suitability for UFE/UAE, the procedure can be performed the following day.

    You’ll stay 1 – 2 nights in hospital following the procedure, then you can choose to fly home (if your flight is less than 2 hours) or stay in Sydney for few more days (if your flight is more than 2 hours).

    Follow-ups consultations are required at three and six months respectively. If you live in a rural or interstate location, Sydney Fibroid Clinic may organise the three month follow-up phone consultation. You will need to see Dr Liang for the six month follow-up with a progress MRI.

  • Is there a payment plan if I wish to self-fund?

    Yes. Sydney Fibroid Clinic can arrange a monthly payment plan through Zip Money to cover the hospital fee and the doctor’s gap fee. Please contact us for details.


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If you’re troubled by symptoms of uterine fibroids and simple measures have not been effective, UFE could be a viable treatment for you; especially if you wish to preserve your uterus, avoid major surgery and recover quickly.

For more information on whether you’re a suitable candidate for UFE, chat with us online, come to our information nights or book a consultation with Dr Eisen Liang.