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Ovarian vein embolization was a day procedure with little pain.

I was always in a lot of pelvic pain before my period and after days of being on my feet, which is every day. I also experienced pain after sex and it bothered me that I couldn’t understand where the pain was coming from. There were many times when I couldn’t ignore this pain and it would stop me from doing my work at home and in my workplace. I could only get relief if I was to lie down, but that was very unrealistic – especially while at work.

So, just like before, I tried to get answers but as no one could figure out the pain, I lived with it. After consulting with specialists at Sydney Fibroid Clinic, I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. I had the ovarian vein embolisation procedure for PCS in early October 2017. This was a day procedure with little pain.

The result was wonderful. Since then I feel like my quality of life has improved immensely. I no longer suffer from pain while doing my normal daily activities and there’s no more pain after sex. I feel like I’ve gained a new lease on my life and I feel liberated. I truly hope that women who suffer from the same conditions as I have can find their way to Sydney Fibroid Clinic and experience such freedom with little down time and not have to resort to invasive surgery such as a hysterectomy.

Once again I’d like to say THANK YOU for everything that you have done to help me and give me a freedom from a condition that is unrecognised by many professionals and so simple to treat.