My wife had your procedure to reduce her fibroids, which were sapping her of a lot of red blood cells. She was very ill for a long while until she was referred to you by way of Dr Jeremy Tham to Dr Bevan Brown. My first impression was how easy it all unfolded – from her first consultation to post-surgery.

My wife is a very active person who will see everything there is to see and be involved in a host of different activities. She was hamstrung by her fibroid problem that needed constant attention to work her everyday life.

Her embolisation has maintained her newfound high red blood count to a very healthy and safe level, which has made her much happier and healthier. The main difference is that she can go about her normal life without the worry of fibroids sapping her of energy and avoiding places and events because she was feeling flat or exhausted. She is back to full strength and loving life.

I highly recommend your work and feel that more or all women suffering from fibroids must take this action before going down the road to removal of their uterus.

The procedure was easy on her body and the results are astronomical, so thank you for your work and care. I hope you will help a lot more women with their health.