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How good is the UAE procedure for adenomyosis?

NK’s Story

It’s a simple procedure. From the first period after the UAE, they were regular and much shorter, two-three days, with very light flow and next to no pain at all during any stage of my cycle. I soon had the confidence that I would no longer make a mess, get caught out, or suffer with the excruciating pain of the past.

MA’s Story (Registered Nurse)

Since the UAE procedure, my blood loss has reduced by 75%, which has had a huge positive effect on my life. I no longer use super tampons and maternity pads or pass large blood clots.

It was quite a painless procedure.

VB’s Story (Mine Manager)

I was awake the whole time, and the doctor talked me through what he was doing. I had a small amount of pain afterward, which was managed by a PCA. Then I flew home to regional Queensland two days after the procedure. I feel amazing and have had no pain, no bloating, and no more heavy bleeding since the UAE 18 months ago! How fabulous is that? I feel really well and am so grateful to this innovative, non-invasive procedure.

DW’s Story

My friend was also diagnosed with adenomyosis and had a hysterectomy. She suffered an infection from the surgery, was on bed rest for two weeks, and she couldn’t drive for 6 weeks after the surgery. She still isn’t feeling herself months later. Within 6 days of my UAE procedure, I was off on holiday to Singapore and never looked back.

KC’s Story

I had local anaesthetic and was conscious while the doctor did his magic. I didn’t feel a thing. I stayed overnight in hospital and was home by lunchtime the following day.

When I got my next period, I wondered how much pain there would be……but there was none! For the first time in over thirty years, I was pain-free and didn’t need medication.

 The heaviness and number of days I was bleeding have also reduced. I was a bit sceptical initially. Oh, how wrong I was. It’s been eighteen months since the UAE procedure, and it’s been a miracle! Not one bit of pain. No tablets, no heat packs, no days off work, and no leaking through my clothes. And I have energy! My iron levels are at a healthy rate for the first time in years.

HS’s Story

The quality of my life was pretty substandard due to the pain I was suffering during the past six years. It not only permeated my work and social life, but my overall outlook.

Thank you for giving me my life back. Diagnosing me with adenomyosis and offering me UAE as an alternative was a godsend.

My recovery took a week, and I was back at work without any complications.    

I’m happy to say I’m fully functional, and I no longer have to stay home in bed for a full week taking drugs.

My overall experience and the end results have been amazing, to say the least. My quality of life has improved in terms of work productivity, health, and exercise choices. I’ve joined the gym, I’m hiking again, and I’m a “yes” girl on social outings. I feel great.

The debilitating pain has reduced to a faint next-to-nothing experience.

Lessons Learned

  • UAE is a simple local anaesthetic procedure.
  • UAE recovery is quicker than hysterectomy.
  • The results of UAE can be seen soon after the procedure.
  • UAE is potentially life-changing for many women.