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My adenomyosis is completely gone!

In November 2015, after suffering with a disturbingly heavy, painful and highly irregular cycle for a few years I had the Mirena IUD put in. That largely solved the problem for about a year and a half before the problems returned.

Following an MRI, it was discovered that I had rather severe adenomyosis of the entire uterus and a UAE (uterine artery embolisation) was offered to me.

It’s a very simple procedure that, along with removing an overwhelmed Mirena, has from the first period after the procedure resulted in regular and much shorter periods (2 – 3 days), very light flow, next to no pain at all during any stage of my cycle and a confidence that I will no longer make a mess, get caught out or suffer with the excruciating pain of the past.

I had a follow-up MRI to discover my adenomyosis is completely gone! My cycle has remained this way for well over a year now and it has seriously improved my life in a way I could never have dreamed. I will be forever grateful for this treatment.