Are you suffering from severe heavy menstrual bleeding?
Are you suffering from severe period pain?


Adenomyosis is abnormal migration of endometrial tissue from the inner lining of the uterus into the muscle layer. This ectopic endometrial tissue can cause period pain and heavy periods. 


The symptoms of adenomyosis can be very similar to fibroids. Period pain may be a dominant feature in adenomyosis. Since both conditions are common, they often coexist. It is not an easy diagnosis to make by ultrasound. When there is severe period pain and heavey period, yet when the ultrasound is reported as normal, adenomysis maybe suspected. MRI is very accurate in diagnosing adenomyosis. Adenomyosis can be diffuse, involving all around the uterus; or focal or mass-like, masquerading as fibroid on ultrasound.


When a woman is suspected to have adenomyosis, endometrial ablation will not address the period pain. Ablation only affects the surface endometrial tissue, not the tissue that has grown into the muscle layer that is still viable and will continue to cause pain.

In the past, hysterectomy is the only effective treatment. Now women can be safely and effectively treated by embolisation.

Studies from overseas and our own experience have shown that UFE / UAE is highly effective for adenomyosis. 


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