Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Stories

Sydney Fibroid Clinic has aided a number of women in achieving severe period pain relief and pelvic pain relief associated with symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome.

Read their stories below.

Thank You for Everything

Thank You for Everything

- E.T.

Ovarian vein embolization was a day procedure with little pain.

I was always in a lot of pelvic pain before my period and after days of being on my feet, which is every day. I also experienced pain after sex and it bothered me that I couldn’t understand where the pain was coming from. There were many times when I couldn’t ignore this pain and it would stop me from doing my work at home and in my workplace. I could only get relief if I was to lie down, but that was very unrealistic – especially while at work.

So, just like before, I tried to get answers but as no one could figure out the pain, I lived with it. After consulting with specialists at Sydney Fibroid Clinic, I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. I had the ovarian vein embolisation procedure for PCS in early October 2017. This was a day procedure with little pain.

The result was wonderful. Since then I feel like my quality of life has improved immensely. I no longer suffer from pain while doing my normal daily activities and there’s no more pain after sex. I feel like I’ve gained a new lease on my life and I feel liberated. I truly hope that women who suffer from the same conditions as I have can find their way to Sydney Fibroid Clinic and experience such freedom with little down time and not have to resort to invasive surgery such as a hysterectomy.

Once again I’d like to say THANK YOU for everything that you have done to help me and give me a freedom from a condition that is unrecognised by many professionals and so simple to treat.

I Feel Like a New Woman -F.S.

I Feel Like a New Woman -F.S.


After the procedure I’m enjoying this new me…

Where do I start. For 11 years, I have seen many GPs, gynaecologists, chiropractors, physiotherapist, naturopath, kinesiologist, pain management specialist, the list goes on, but nobody could tell me why I was in agony and disabled every single day.  It hurts down my legs, in between my legs, my vagina, my bottom and my back. It feels like the pressure pushing down as if my insides were going to fall out. I struggled to stand.

After my third pregnancy I spent thousands and thousands of dollars searching for answers. I would stay up every night Googling my symptoms and was on chat groups with other women.

I struggled for years and had multiple MRI and CT scans, yet nobody could tell me why I was in constant agony.

I had 6 steriod injections in my back and I had no improvement whatsoever.

I was put on Lyrica, Mobic, Celebrax, I lived on Voltaren. I practically was living off pain medication and steroids for years and they weren’t doing anything to help me with the pain but I was gaining weight on steroid.

At one point I gave up searching for answers and became a miserable negative person. I saw a young women doctor hoping maybe she would understand but instead she prescribed me antidepressants because I was crying. I know I’m not a depressed person.

I went online Googling and found a gynaecolgist working together with an interventional radiologist. They heard me and listened to everything I had to say , and thoroughly went through my scans. This is something no other specialist has done before. Every other specialist I went to was just looking at the report instead of actually looking at my scans.

I was diagnosed of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and was treated with Ovarian Vein Embolization which was a local anaesthetic day procedure with no down time.

After the procedure I was feeling amazing. I feel like I am a new woman. I am exercising again. I am sleeping again; I am a happier person. My life has changed in the most positive way because I am able to do the things that I couldn’t do for so many years.  I’m enjoying this new me.

Every day when I wake up and I’m ready to go for that jog and run I am so grateful that they gave me my life back.