Amidst CoVid 10 pandemic, Sydney Fibroid Clinic endeavours to keep our services open to the need of our patients with the lowest risk to CoVId19 exposure.

Sydney Fibroid Clinic is a boutique private specialist clinic. We see a very small number of patients each session and all consultations are by appointment. All our patients are otherwise well, other than their menstrual / fibroid issues. All our staff have not travelled out of Australia in the last 14 days and have been instructed to stop coming to work if they have any cold or flu like symptoms. Therefore, our clinic environment is safe, and we are still consulting in our rooms.

To minimize traffic and headcounts in our waiting rooms, we have lengthened the appointment slot and our doctors will try to be on-time to avoid patient waiting.

All our hospital-based clinics are within private hospitals that mainly deal with elective surgeries and therefore NOT expected to be dealing with CoVid 19. However, if you are unwilling or uncomfortable to come near any hospitals, our St Leonard Square Rooms is in a brand-new commercial building that is less than 20% occupied. Therefore our St Leonards Square rooms possess the lowest risk of any potential exposure to CoVid 19.

However, if you have travelled outside Australia in the last 14 days or have any cold or flu-like symptoms, please DONOT come to our clinic, but ring and reschedule your appointment or change your appointment to a telephone consult with Dr Liang.

Also if you are out of the region or rely on public transport to come to see us, you might want to consider a teleconsult instead. With Whatsapp Video call, Dr Liang have the option of showing you pictures and illustrations.