Out of Region Patients

Sydney Fibroid Clinic treats patients from all over Sydney, regional NSW and interstate. If you are far away and hoping to avoid hysterectomy, we do offer a fast-track program for out of region patient to minimise travelling.

Fast-Track Program

Sydney Fibroid Clinic’s Dr Eisen Liang normally sees women for an initial consultation to review past treatments and existing imaging. He then discusses various treatment options.

If a woman chooses UFE or UAE as her preferred treatment option, a MRI will be arranged to check exact locations, cellularity and vascularity of fibroids or to confirm adenomyosis. This MRI is then reviewed at the second consultation. If the woman is a suitable candidate for UFE or UAE, the procedure is discussed, then consented and scheduled.

To assist women travelling from interstate, we offer our fast-track program.

You’re suitable for Sydney Fibroid Clinic’s fast-track program if:

  • You have already seen by a gynaecologist who recommended UFE /UAE, or
  • You have already been treated by GPs or gynaecologists, but have failed conservative treatments
  • You prefer one single pre-procedure consult
  • You have been through our website
  • You have no MRI issues (no metallic implants, pacemakers, or contrast allergy)

How it Works

Our fast-track program facilitates streamlined assessment and treatment for women who need to travel to us. Our aim is to make the process easy and convenient for you.

  • Initial Assessment

    An initial video consultation is arranged with Dr Eisen Liang. We will discuss assessment of your suitability for the procedures. To make the best use of the 25 min time with Dr Liang, make sure you have send back your History Form, previous correspondence, imaging report, and link to access your imaging on-line. Please send these to us SAP prior to your video consultation.

    We prefer MRI for a complete assessment of your uterus. For fibroids, we need to make sure there are no suspicious features and the locations are suitable for UFE. For adenomyosis, we want to confirm the diagnosis and check the extent of the disease.

    We prefer the MRI to be done by one of our regular experienced service providers ( a few selected PRP Imaging centres in Sydney).

    We can give you the  MRI referral so that you can pre-book  your MRI for  soon after you arrive in Sydney, before seeing Dr Liang.

    If you wish to have your MRI done locally, please contact us for a referral and we will send you our special requirements ( scanning and reporting protocol).  You will need to check with your local imaging centre if they can fulfil our requirement  with confidence, and if they can email us the link to view your images on-line. It is best done with a nation wide imaging provider like I-Med imaging.


  • Logistics

    If you’re deemed potentially suitable for one of Dr Liang’s procedures, and you have not had your MRI, then pre-book your MRI in Sydney for the day you arrive. MRI should be done in the morning if you are seeing Dr Liang on the same day for the final assessment and pre-procedure consent. Your procedure can be pre-scheduled prior to your travel  arrangement to Sydney.

    You’ll need to spend 1 – 2 nights in hospital, then travel  back  home on day 3 or 4 , depending on your recovery. We will touch base with you at 3 months. If you are doing well, we will see you after your progress MRI at 6 months.

  • Directions

    Airport to St Leonards Rooms

    Take the airport train to Central Station (10 mins).

    Change to the Northshore line to St Leonards (20 mins).

    Uber or Taxi: 30 min


    Airport to Moore Park PRP MRI Practice

    Catch a taxi or Uber to Moore park (20 mins).


    Moore Park to St Leonards Rooms

    Taxi or Uber  (20 mins).


    Moore Park to Sydney Adventist Hospital

    Catch a taxi or Uber (35 mins).


    Airport to Hornsby PRP MRI Practice

    Take the airport train to Central Station (10 minutes).

    Change to the Northshore line to Hornsby (50 minutes).

    Walk to the practice (10 minutes).


    Hornsby to SAN Clinic in Sydney Adventist Hospital

    Catch a taxi or Uber to Wahroonga (10 minutes).

    Please note travel time estimates for taxis and Ubers are for non-rush-hours. During rush hours, the train and then a taxi or Uber might be the best option in Sydney.

  • Accommodation

    Friday Procedure @ Mater Private Hospital North Sydney

    Several business hotels in nearby North Sydney CBD


    Monday Procedure @ Sydney Adventist Hospital

    Jacaranda Lodge 

    Basic accommodation for patients and relatives at the Sydney Adventist Hospital campus, but isolated from transport, shopping and dining.

     Chatswood Serviced Apartments and Hotels

    Well-serviced, with good access to trains, shops and numerous restaurants.

    North Ryde Serviced Apartments and Hotels

    Near a large shopping mall with many eateries.

Fast Track Your Health

Enquire with Sydney Fibroid Clinic about whether our fast-track program might be right for you.