First Visit Guide

We look forward to seeing you at Sydney Fibroid Clinic.

Remember to bring along your scans, reports, doctors’ correspondence and recent blood tests results.

You will also need to bring a valid referral to see our specialist. Or else you can book our combined GP & Specialist Clinic

You may email the relevant documents to us prior to your appointment.

For your scans, we prefer online access, hard copies, or USB drives, rather than CD-ROMs.

For us to advise you precisely, your medical imaging is important. You might already have ultrasound of pelvis. We do however rely heavily on MRI for assessment of your uterus.

Should you come to visit us from out of region and prefer a single visit assessment, check out our Fast-Track Program.

See below for further information.

Additional Information

  • Fee Information

    Sydney Fibroid Clinic is a private healthcare facility.

    Consultation fees:

    Herewith Dr Eisen Liang’s and Dr Jacqueline Chan’s fee schedule for clinic consultations.

    The combined GP and specialist consultation is our preferred option to give you the best care with the same gap fee as if you were seeing Dr Liang alone.

    We accept payment by cash, credit card and EFTPOS.


    Service Our Fee Your Gap Fee
    GP and Specialist Package 1st Consultation $360 $200
    GP and Specialist Package Subsequent Consultation $220 $100
    Initial Specialist Consultation $280 $200
    Follow up Specialist Consultation $130 $90
    GP Consultation $180 $100



    Procedure Fees (For insured patients):

    For Dr Liang’s procedures, if you have a private health insurance policy that covers the Medicare item numbers 35410 (UFE) or 35321 (UAE and other embolisations), most of the doctor’s fee, as well as most of the hospital theatre and accommodation fees are covered.

    The hospital “theartre fee” and accommodation fee are covered by your health fund. You might have an “excess” payment, ranges from $300 to $1000.

    Dr Eisen Liang’s gap fee is around $2,300  depending on your insurance policy. He does not require anaesthetist or surgical assistant, and therefore there is no other gap fees.

    Health Fund Cover:

    There remains confusion regarding recent government’s health fund reform. Generally, 35410 requires only bronze level of cover and 35321 requires Silver or Gold levels of cover. It is advisable to check with your health funds to make sure you are adequately covered. Please let us know which of the two numbers you are covered for.

    For self-funding patients:

    If you are not insured or underinsured, the hospital fee (theatre fee and 1-night accommodation) is from $5,500, depending on the hospital you choose.

    Dr Liang’s fee gap fee is between  $1, 000 to $3,000 ( depending the rebates you get back from Medicare)

    Your total out-of-pocket budget should be around $8,500. If this fee is beyond your financial means, we can arrange your procedure to be done by Dr Liang’s associate Dr Christine Chan in public hospital. The public hospital fee is less than the private hospital.

    MRI Fee

    We rely on MRI to make sure you are a good candidate for UFE/UAE.  MRI is mandatory if we use embolisation to treat your fibroids or adenomyosis.

    Unfortunately, MRI for non-cancerous condition of uterus is not funded by Medicare.

    The fee is around $400. Sydney Fibroid Clinic do not have financial interest in MRI fees.

  • Referrals

    You don’t need a referral to access the services of our clinic. We run a combined GP and Specialist Multidisciplinary Clinic on Thursday afternoons @ our St Leonards rooms .

    If you want to see Dr Eisen Liang at other times, you will need to have a referral letter from your GP or gynaecologist.

    If you do not have a gynaecologist, you may opt to see one of our associate gynaecologists in a joint consultation. This second specialist may charge a discounted fee, depending on the complexity of your case.

  • Payment Plans

    If you don’t have private health insurance and choose to self-fund, you may pay on a payment plan through Zip Money.

  • Bulk Billing

    Please note Sydney Fibroid Clinic is a private clinic and Dr Liang performs procedures in private institutions only. To sustain our private practice, we do not generally bulk bill our fees. A discounted fee may apply to patients with financial difficulties.

  • Parking

    St Leonards Square

    1.5 hour free parking in the building. The car park entry is near 77 Nicholson Street, St Leonards.

    The clinic is 300 meters from the St Leonard Train Station.

    Sydney Adventist Hospital

    The main entrance is at 185 Fox Valley Road.  You can park in either San Clinic or  the main Hospital Parking. Parking is validated at $7. We will provide you with a validated ticket in our rooms.

    Other Rooms

    Parkings at Norwest Private and Westmead  Private are not validated.


For further enquiries about fees, payments or your first visit, phone Sydney Fibroid Clinic on (02) 9480 8729.