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April Adenomyosis Awareness Month

April is the Adenomyosis Awareness Month! Spread these Key Messages to all women: Adenomyosis is worse than Endome

Why endometrial ablation for adenomyosis might make pain worse?

In a nutshell: Endometrial ablation uses heat energy to destroy the inner lining of the uterus. The adenomyosis tissu

STOP Putting Up with Heavy Painful Periods- Could it be Adenomyosis?

Your periods are heavy if you are changing pads too often, requiring large pads, needing to change at night time, floodi

Adenomyosis: An overlooked suspect for heavy painful periods

Adenomyosis (pronounced as aden-no my-osis) is the BAD cousin of endometriosis. It is an under-recognised cause for heav