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Shrinking Fibroids to avoid Hysterectomy-How does UFE work?

Many Australian women suffers from fibroids - a benign growth in the uterus (womb), with symptoms such as heavy menstrua

Adenomyosis: An overlooked suspect for heavy painful periods

Adenomyosis (pronounced as aden-no my-osis) is the BAD cousin of endometriosis. It is an under-recognised cause for heav

How to Shrink Fibroids without Surgery?

Many Australian women are troubled by fibroids symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, period pain, bladder and press

Hysterectomy: benefits, risks and long term side effects (with reference)

  Who needs a hysterectomy? How is a hysterectomy done? What are the benefits of hysterectomy over other

Why should women try to avoid hysterectomies? Risks and Side Effects

An Evidence Based Biased Opinion by Eisen Liang Hysterectomy is a major surgical operation that requires general

Mayo Clinic Research Finds Hysterectomy Health Risks

ROCHESTER, Minn. New research from the Mayo Clinic could help women decide whether or not they want to undergo a hyst

The Madness of Unnecessary Hysterectomy Has to Stop

By Anonymous Lown Insititute In 2006, I was over-treated and permanently harmed by my gynecologist of 20 years. I