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April Adenomyosis Awareness Month

April is the Adenomyosis Awareness Month! Spread these Key Messages to all women: Adenomyosis is worse than Endome

Why endometrial ablation for adenomyosis might make pain worse?

In a nutshell: Endometrial ablation uses heat energy to destroy the inner lining of the uterus. The adenomyosis tissu

Australian Study Offers Fresh Hope for Women Suffering Debilitating Menstrual Condition

A ground-breaking new study undertaken by two doctors from Sydney Adventist Hospital is offering fresh hope for women wh

STOP Putting Up with Heavy Painful Periods- Could it be Adenomyosis?

Your periods are heavy if you are changing pads too often, requiring large pads, needing to change at night time, floodi

How to Diagnose Adenomyosis? Why are we missing it?

If it took 15 years for an intelligent executive in a pharmaceutical company to sort out her heavy menstrual bleeding, s

Adenomyosis: An overlooked suspect for heavy painful periods

Adenomyosis (pronounced as aden-no my-osis) is the BAD cousin of endometriosis. It is an under-recognised cause for heav

Why is adenomyosis so difficult to diagnose?

Why is adenomyosis so difficult to diagnose? Why ultrasound often missed the diagnosis of adenomyosis? Why is MRI mo