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April Adenomyosis Awareness Month

April is the Adenomyosis Awareness Month! Key Messages to all women about Adenomyosis: Adenomyosis can co-exist wi

Can women still get pregnant after UFE?

Many prior studies have shown pregnancy is possible after Uterine Fibroid Embolisation(UFE). Overall, meta-analysis sugg

Ryeqo for fibroids, what is it and how effective is it?

Ryeqo is a hormone based oral medication with 3 ingredients. It can be used to alleviate fibroid related heavy menstrual

New MRI algorithm to make sure fibroids are benign: Dr Eisen Liang addressing diagnostic radiologists at ARGANZ 2024 Meeting in Melbourne

Fibroids are very common benign tumour of the uterus. Many women prefer to avoid a hysterectomy to deal with their fibro

Great News for women who want to avoid hysterectomy for fibroids: New Research established reliable way to rule out nasty uterine tumours

French researchers established a reliable MRI assessment algorithm to rule out a very rare nasty tumour of the uterus th

Should hysterectomy be performed to prevent uterine cancers?

New MRI assessment algorithms should be used to distinguish fibroids from cancerous growths, allowing women to avoid unn

Dr Eisen Liang in Women’s Health Session at SIR 2023 Phoenix Az

Dr Eisen Liang delivered his lecture on The Unmet needs in the diagnosis and treatment of  Adenomyosis to a group o

Dr Eisen Liang Moderating and Presenting At SIR 2023 Phoenix Az

Dr Eisen Liang moderated with Dr James Spies on a session at SIR 2023: Uterine Fibroid Embolisation: A case-based w