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Sydney Fibroid Clinic engages collaboration amongst GP, interventional radiologist and gynaecologist to help women to alleviate their symptoms without a hysterectomy.

In essence, we offer a ‘one-stop shop’ to explore treatment options for fibroids, adenomyosis and pelvic congestion syndrome.

We strive to explore all suitable treatment options, balancing effectiveness and risks.  We work with your own doctors, to share our latest research and experience, and to discuss your treatment plan.

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About Us

Sydney Fibroid Clinic is the result of over 10 years of clinical and research collaboration between interventional radiologist Dr Eisen Liang and obstetrician gynaecologist Dr Bevan Brown. Our vision is to apply modern treatment options for fibroids, adenomyosis and pelvic congestion syndrome and to empower women to avoid unnecessary hysterectomy. To allow easier access to our specialists, we have invited women's health GP Dr Jacqueline Chan to provide initial assessment and treatments.

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Our Treatments

We offer a number of treatments to relieve symptoms of fibroids, adenomyosis and pelvic congestion syndrome, from minimally invasive procedures to major surgeries. For more information on the right service for you, visit our individual treatment pages.

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